Road Info

Road information

Road Information

Gisborne district local road information. Follow us on Twitter for road updates(external link)

State highways

For state highways (SH2 south to Wairoa, north to Opotiki and SH35 East Coast) please visit NZTA's website(external link)  

Temporary road closures

Road closures for events are advertised on our public notices

Closed and caution local roads in the Gisborne district

Programmed works

This work is programmed by our contractors and is always subject to weather permitting and any other emergency works.

Road Location Status Comments Expected resolution Updated Maps/Photo
Arakihi Road 2.6km Programmed Flood damage repairs - Closed to logging vehicles at the 2.6km mark until 26 November for culvert works. Open to light vehicles and stock trucks. 20 Nov 2020
06:00 pm
27 Oct 2020
09:26 am
Hokoroa Road 13km to 18km marks Programmed Flood damage repairs - Delays of up to 30 mins as repairs take place. 30 Oct 2020
06:00 pm
02 Oct 2020
03:54 pm
McDonald Road Stretch between JNL and Judd Holdings Programmed Flood damage repairs - Closed to all vehicles from Thursday 29 October to 25 November 2020 for road repairs. Weather dependent. Detour through Willows Road. 25 Nov 2020
06:00 pm
15 Oct 2020
10:59 am
Tarewa Road 6.8km mark Programmed Flood damage repairs - Road to be closed to all vehicles for three weeks from 9/11. 30 Nov 2020
06:00 pm
19 Oct 2020
09:38 am
Waingake Road Between Patemaru and Tarewa Roads Programmed Flood damage repairs - Closed to heavy vehicles from 2/11 to 11/11 between 7am and 9pm. Closed to heavy vehicles at all times from 12/11 to 27/11. 27 Nov 2020
06:00 pm
27 Oct 2020
09:24 am