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Refuse transfer stations

Refuse and recycling transfer stations in the Gisborne district.

Gisborne city   |   Rural townships

City recycling and resource recovery centre  

Waste Management NZ, 75 Innes Street opposite Tupaea Street. Ph 868 5797
Here they are on Google map(external link)

Recycling drop-off

The drop-off recycling facility is open 24/7 located at the entrance of 75 Innes Street.  

Note - changes to recycling plastic  

Only plastic grades 1, 2 and 5 are recyclable.

Transfer station hours and charges

Days Hours
Monday - Friday         7.30am - 4.30pm
Saturday 9.30am - 3.30pm
Sunday 9.30am - 3.30pm
Public holidays 9.30am - 3.30pm
Christmas Day, Good Friday Closed

Waste is charged per tonne on the weighbridge. Minimum charges apply.

You can first tip your rubbish then return to the weighbridge, then tip your green waste, recycling or hardfill. All recycling products must be separated first, this includes colour separation of glass. Any product not separated or contaminated by more than 2.5% will be treated and charged as general waste. 

All vehicles must pass over the weighbridge for separate loads to be charged.

Waste Charges
General waste - car, ute, trailer
general household and commercial waste
$17 minimum charge (up to 50kg)   $328 per tonne
Green waste - car, ute, trailer
lawn clippings, leaves, tree trimmings. No flax
$8 minimum charge (up to 50kg)
$149 per tonne
Hardfill / cleanfill - car, ute, trailer  
concrete, rock, rubble, sand, clay, soil, dirt, ceramics, tiles, asphalt, fibreboard, window or sheet glass. No contaminated soil.             
$18 minimum charge (up to 100kg)
$175 per tonne
Hazardous waste - car, ute trailer  
rotten organic material, offal. Must be fully wrapped, bagged and sealed.
$42 minimum charge (up to 100kg)
- $397 per tonne
Special waste by prior arrangement only  
Asbestos, treated timber  price on application
Appliances, eWaste, batteries, flexible or blended plastic price on application
Products not accepted   
Tyres, paint, liquid wastes, medical waste, bulk scrap steel or car bodies not accepted 

Health and safety requirements on site

Drivers must follow instruction from staff.
Enclosed footwear must be worn. People are not to climb onto loads or heaped piles. Pets and children must stay in the vehicle at all times.  

Rural township transfer stations  

Opening hours and charges for taking rubbish to our rural transfer stations.  
All rubbish needs a council blue rubbish sticker on it. 


No reduction in price for part loads or garden waste.

Rubbish bag up to 5kg 1 blue sticker
Bins and small load wheelie bin, 200 litre drum, fadge or car boot
(load less than 100kg or .5 cubic metre)
4 blue stickers or
1 pink sticker
Medium load small ute, van or trailer
(less than 200kg or 1 cubic metre)
2 pink stickers
Large load large van, ute, trailer or crate
(less than 400kg or 2 cubic metres)
4 pink stickers
Commercial load Trucks - more than 400kg or 2 cubic metres by arrangement only or at
Waiapu Landfill or Gisborne Transfer Station

Rural transfer station - hours and sticker outlets 

Transfer stations are closed outside these hours.
We have additional days December to January for Tokomaru Bay, Tolaga Bay, Te Puia Springs and Te Araroa  

Location Day and Hours Sticker Retailers
209 Motu Rd
Tuesday, Wednesday 12pm-2pm, Saturday and
Sunday 2pm-4pm
Hard Drive Cafe
146 Tip Road
Tuesday, Thursday 1pm-3pm, Saturday 10am-12pm,
Sunday 2pm-4pm
Nga Ariki Kaiputahi office
Te Karaka
229 Kanakania Rd
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1pm-3pm Rangatira Motors
Tokomaru Bay
31 Paikea Road
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 11am-1pm
Sunday 2pm-4pm
Tokomaru Bay Four Square
Tokomaru Bay
14 Dec - 15 Jan
Days and times above plus
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 11am - 1pm 
Closed Christmas Day, 28 December, New Years Day, 4 January
35 Awanui Rd
Wednesday, Thursday 3pm-5pm, Saturday 10am-12pm,
Sunday 2pm-4pm
Hikurangi Foodmarket Four Square
Tolaga Bay
146 Waiapu Rd
Tuesday 7am-9am, Thursday 11am-1pm,
Saturday, Sunday 2pm-4pm
John's Superette and Lotto,
Uawa Foodmarket,
George and Mildreds Supermarket
Tolaga Bay
14 Dec - 15 Jan
Days and times above plus
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am - 12pm
Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day, 2 January
Te Puia Springs
4855 Waiapu Rd
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10am-12pm, Sunday 1pm-3pm Council office, Te Puia Springs Store
Te Puia Springs
14 Dec - 15 Jan
Days and times above plus
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am - 12pm
Closed Christmas Day, 28 December, New Years Day, 4 January
89 Thatcher Rd
Monday 2pm-4pm, Tuesday 10am-12pm,
Wednesday 1pm-3pm, Thursday 10am-12pm,
Friday 11am-1pm, Saturday 10am-12pm, Sunday 2pm-4pm
Hikurangi Foodmarket Four Square
Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day
Te Araroa
26 Te Arawapia Rd
Tuesday 10am-12pm, Thursday 3pm-5pm, Saturday 10am-12pm, Sunday 10am-12pm Eastern Store, 
Hicks Bay General Store
Te Araroa
14 Dec - 15 Jan
Days and time above plus
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am - 12pm
Closed Christmas Day, 28 December, New Years Day, 4 January

Questions and answers

Q. What colour are the rural stickers?

A. Blue.

Q. How much are the stickers?

A. The recommended retail price is $2.80. But we have no control over what retailers can charge. Pink stickers for $10 are also available.

Q. If I use all my stickers, where can I buy more?

A. You can buy more stickers at the stores in your township. See table above for stores

Q. Can I pay cash for my rubbish at the transfer station?

A. No. The community caretakers will only accept rubbish with stickers. We don’t want any cash held at rural transfer stations.

Q. Will I be able to buy stickers at the transfer station?

A. No. We don’t want cash on the premises.

Q. Can I take my rubbish to a transfer station at any time that suits me?

A. No. Only during the open hours.  See table above.

Q. Can I use half a sticker for half a load?

A. No. You should try to make sure you go in with a full load as there’s no reduction for part loads.

Q. Can I use my blue stickers on the Gisborne city kerbside rubbish collection?

A. No. The city kerbside contractor will only pick up bags with orange stickers. They are different contractors.

Q. Can people from out of the town use our rural transfer stations?

A. Yes. But you need to buy blue stickers from the local stores.

Q. If I lose my recycling bin where can I get another one?

A. You can buy a replacement recycling bin for $15 at customer service in Te Puia Springs or Gisborne.

Rubbish with stickers