Making a worm farm

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Making a worm farm

Vermicomposting is composting using worms in a worm farm that eat your fruit and vegetable scraps.  The worms are the same worms found in a compost heap, but they are contained in a bin.  Worms eat the food scraps and it turns into vermicompost and worm 'tea' - both do wonders for your garden.  The worm tea needs to be diluted to the colour of weak tea about 1:10 before using on the garden.  worm wise

A worm farm takes up little space and can even be kept indoors.

How to get started with your worm farm

A worm bin can be home made. All you need is a suitable container - recycle tyres, an old bath, wooden box or plastic bin. Also some bedding material and worms. It is easier to harvest the vermicast from bins with layers.

You can also buy worm farms from most hardware shops.

Start with a small number of worms around 1000 (250g). Make a bedding layer with hay or decomposed compost, shredded cardboard or paper. Worms need moisture, air and no light.

Get some worms from a friend's wormfarm or buy some from Tairawhiti Environment Centre. 

Useful tip about the worms

Give them your kitchen food scraps, egg cartons, newspaper. 

Here's some tips on what they also need:

  • damp but not wet conditions
  • make sure they're not too hot or too cold
  • make sure there are no pesticides or fly spray nearby
  • don't overfeed them. This can cause odours and make the contents soggy
  • chop the food up before adding, it speeds up the process