Water mains flushing

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Water mains flushing

Flushing of dead-end water mains

Our contractors carry out flushing of water mains in dead-end streets, twice a year (April and Sept/Oct). The affected streets are listed below and advertised on the radio and newspaper.

The list of streets and day of flushing

After the water-main has been flushed in your street, we recommended you run your front outside tap.  This is only a precaution to prevent possible rusty water from staining your washing.   

Flush water before drinking

Residents are reminded of the Ministry of Health recommendation to flush a mugful of water from drinking-water taps (including those with filters) each morning before use to remove any metals that may have dissolved from plumbing fittings. This is recommended for all households, including those on public and private water supplies.

A water supply interruption

Our contractors will put a notice in your letterbox advising of any programmed water supply interruption. The notice will tell you the day and time the water supply is to be turned off for maintenance or repairs. Things you may wish to do:

  • store some water for general usage
  • switch off the hot water cylinder or don't use your hot water
  • turn off the taps to the automatic washing machine
  • make sure there are no clothes or items in the sink in case a tap is left on accidentally
  • turn your toby off at your boundary 
  • once the water is back on, turn on the closest tap to your toby, let it run for a few minutes.

Problems you may experience when the water is back on

Milky white water

No health concerns, this is usually air trapped in the water.  Turn on a tap on for at least 5 minutes to run it clear. 
If the water is still milky after this  - contact us

Dirty or rusty water

Flushing of the mains has stirred up residue in the pipe. 
Turn your tap on for at least 5 minutes to run it clear.
If the water is still rusty - contact us

Plumbing or pressure problems

Toilet not refilling or water not running properly (low pressure).
An airlock or residue may have blocked part of the fillings.
Turn on your outside tap hard for a few minutes, if there is still no water - contact us

Streets with water main flushing

Dead-end water mains are usually in cul-de-sac and no-exit streets.  Flushing ensures we continue to deliver the highest quality water to homes. 

The day the water main will be flushed in your street

Tuesday 27 October 

Aeordrome Road Attlee Place
Awapuni Road Banks Street
Birrell Street Carnarvon Street
Childers Road Dunstan Road
Esplanade Grey Street
Heron Place Heta Road
Hurahura Road Kaiti Beach Road
Karaka Street Kauri Street
Konini Street Main Rd Makaraka
Northcote Road Ora Street
Palmerston Road Peel Street
Puriri Street Racecourse Road
Reads Quay Saleyards Road
Score Road Scott Street
Temple Road Thomson Street
Victoria Street  

Wednesday 28 October

Anita Grove Asquith Street
Byron Street Chichester Street
Churchill Crescent Claire Place
Clifton Place De Costa Avenue
Desmond Road Elsdon Best Street
Fergusson Drive Goldsmith Street
Judd Street Karamu Street
Keiha Street Knox Street
Kowahi Street Leon Street
Loisel Street  
Matai Street Mason Street
Muir Street Nelson Road
Noel Bull Avenue Parkview Place
Pohutukawa Grove Potae Avenue
Rata Street Rimu Street
Roger Street Ruru Avenue
School Road Steed Avenue
Titoki Street Uren Place
Westpark Place  

Thursday 29 October

Adair Street Argyll Street
Ash Street Ayton Street
Belgium Terrace Bryce Street
Campbell Street Dalrymple Road
Diana Drive Duncan Street
Dryden Street Edward Street
Franklin Street Grundy Street
Greenwood Street Hill Road
Hillary Heights Hillview Terrace
Howarth Street  
Jellicoe Street John Street
Justin Street Kennedy Street
Kingfisher Drive Massey Road
Oak Street Patiti Street
Patrick Street Russell Street
Shelley Road Standord Crescent
Walsh Street Wi Pere Street

Friday 30 October

Adams Street Aldred Street
Belfast Crescent Central Street
Crawford Road Dickson Street
Endcliffe Road Forest Park Lane
Gardner Place Grant Road
Haronga Road Harris Street
Hauroa Road Healey Place
Hinaki Street Island Road
Kingsley Street Lewis Street
Manners Court Maude Street
Norwood Road Ormond Road
Oxford Street Queens Drive
Richardson Ave Ropata Street
Riverside Rd Shaw Street
Stevenson Lane Sunvale Crescent
Tukura Road Turanga Road
Waimata Road Waiteata Street
Wallis Street York Street

Monday 2 November

Alice Street Boyle Street
Coldstream Road Currie Place
Daphne Street Darwin Road
Davy Place Donna Street
Dennis Street Edelsten Place
Einstein Street Gillies Street
Halley Street Hansford Court
Heatherlea Street Hershell Road
Hector Street Hooper Street
Hudson Street Jackson Street
Kara Street Kelvin Street
Lawrence Place Lister Place
Lorraine Street Lyell Road
Magnolia Street Marian Drive
Martin Street Mildura Place
Peter Buck Street Ralph Street
Vivian Street Wainui Road
Wildish Street