Water education resources

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Water education resources

We have activities and resources for teachers with students studying water supply.Drinking water story

Council's water team can assist schools, individuals and community groups with a variety of educational resources relating to the city water supply.  Our water team works with schools on a range of educational water projects. They are available to: 

  • speak to your students
  • supply student-friendly resource material
  • provide free class tours of the Waingake and Waipaoa treatment plants

Contact us to book a tour, class visit or get some resource material.  

You can get started by checking out the activities below which introduces the water supply network in Gisborne. The resource material will suit a number of curriculum and different age groups.

Water cycle

Activity 1 - The water cycle

Activity 2 - Water cycle experiment

Activity 3 - Make a rain gauge

Activity 4 - Transpiration experiment

Activity 5 - Evaporation experiment

Activity 6 - Water cycle word search

Activity 7 - Water cycle crossword

Activity 8 - Water cycle match-up

Capturing rain

Activity 1 - Water cycle comparison

Activity 2 - Human water cycle

Activity 3 - From the dam to tap

Activity 4 - How does a water catchment work?

Activity 5 - Make your own water filter

Activity 6 - Gravity and water pressure

Activity 7 - It's all downhill...

Activity 8 - Capturing rain puzzles