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Water conservation key to avoid restrictions

4 Feb 2019

Water conservation key to avoid restrictions

Water consumption peaked last week amid high temperatures and the community is asked to be conscious with their water use to avoid future restrictions.

The biggest consumption day this summer was Tuesday 29 January, with consumption at 25.732 million litres. This exceeded what the Waingake Water Treatment Plant can deliver in a day.

The two days that followed also exceeded supply and were well over the month’s daily average of 20.239 million litres.

Team leader for drinking water Judith Robertson says conservation is key now to prevent the need for water restrictions.

“Our dam levels are still fairly good for this time of year however with the heightened demand we have seen recently, reservoir storage is depleting.  With more hot weather expected this week, if the high demand for water continues we may need to start water restrictions.”

“Industry and commercial users should conserve water and limit outdoor water use where possible to assist during the peak demand period while industry processing is underway.

“Households can make a difference by reducing the use of sprinklers and hoses. We recommend fixing any leaking taps and using water efficiently.

“Filling a basin for rinsing, having a full load before using the washing machine or dishwasher, and using ‘smart’ water habits can save hundreds of litres a day.”

Here's some more water saving tips.