Wastewater Management

Wastewater Management Project

The project will identify and implement the most appropriate methods for treating Gisborne city's wastewater. Options have been refined based on receiving environment constraints. cost-benefit considerations and engineering requirements.

Project Status

April 2018 update - community consultation took place on 5 potential wastewater management options. Council chose their preferred option for the community to consider in the Long Term Plan consultation, with an alternative. To manage the financial impact, Council proposes implementing Option 3, but only building the first part in the next 10 years. The second part will be implemented when certain conditions are met. The alternative is to commit to completing both parts and budgeting the full cost within the next 10 years.

Wastewater Options Q&As

Treatment plant and upgrade, options and costs

5 options

Details of the options


The options, wetland trial, exploring alternatives

Wetlands trial 2016

About the trials

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