Wastewater education resources

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Wastewater education resources

The links provide teachers with activities and resource material for students studying Gisborne's wastewater system.

Council's wastewater team can assist schools, individuals and community groups with a variety of educational resources relating to the city's wastewater system.  They are available to: 

  • speak to your students
  • supply student-friendly resource material
  • provide a tour of the Banks Street wastewater treatment plant

Contact us to book a tour, class visit or get some resource material.  

You can get started by checking out the activities below which introduce Gisborne city's wastewater system. The resource material will suit a number of curriculum and different age groups.

Activity 1 - What is wastewater? (78kb)

Activity 2 - Wastewater around your home (130kb)

Activity 3 - The wastewater process (158kb)

Activity 4 - Where does your wastewater go? (117kb)

Activity 5 - Wastewater facts (129kb)

Activity 6 - How much wastewater do we make in a year? (115kb)

Activity 7 - How contaminated is our wastewater? (95kb)

Activity 8 - What's in a wastewater manhole? (75kb)

Activity 9 - What goes in and what comes out of a wastewater treatment plant? (83kb)

Activity 10 - Making clean and green wastewater (105kb)

Activity 11 - Inflow and infiltration (165kb)

Activity 12 - Wastewater word search (121kb)

Activity 13 - Wastewater word puzzles (114kb)