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Wastewater is any water that has been used.  It's the used water and waste from your home's kitchen, laundry, bathroom and toilet; any commercial property and industry.  Wastewater is commonly referred to as sewage.

We are responsible for 223km of public sewage pipes; this includes the lateral pipe to your property boundary. 

Problems during heavy rain

During heavy rain your gully trap or toilet level may rise.  This happens because the sewer system is overloaded with stormwater from illegal connections or it's getting in from other sources. 
Please contact us if you have any flooding or overflow issues on your property.

Try not to add to the problem until the levels drop.  Avoid unnecessary use - don't flush the toilet or put the dishwasher on, or use the bath or laundry.

See DrainWise for information on reducing overflows.

Blocked drain on your property

A blocked drain or any leaks on your property is your responsibility to fix.   You need to contact your drainlayer to find the problem.

To locate your wastewater pipe - check our online property maps.  See property search

Blocked drain

If you notice a leak on public property such as on a footpath, road or park or you can smell a problem on neighbouring property, please contact us as soon as possible. 

A new connection 

A connection to wastewater is included with building consent to build a new house, or subdivision consent granted for properties in the city. If approval for the subdivision or resource consent has not been granted, you need to talk to our duty planner.

Maintenance of the wastewater system

Although our wastewater system has been designed to cope with 4 times the average flow, illegal stormwater connections into the system can cause the system to become overloaded during heavy rain.

We encourage you to tell us about any illegal stormwater connections into the wastewater system. You can contact our customer service centre anonymously.

Private septic systems

Information for users on installation, operation and care of a domestic wastewater system.

About our wastewater network

The Gisborne city population served by the wastewater network is 31,660. We have about 14,750 connections from homes and businesses.

The discharge volume per day is around 13,000 cubic metres (including industrial)

The network consists of:

223km of mains
2806 manholes
40 pump stations
1 treatment plant