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Waste minimisation

Managing waste at your event

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Waste minimisation

We want to help you plan a zero waste event in line with our Waste Management Minimisation Plan

Some events have the potential to create a lot of waste, we'd like to work with event organisers to come up with a plan to manage the waste. You should plan to minimise waste right at the planning stage of your event

What type of waste will your event generate?

If you consider all the catering, resources such as hand-outs, decorations and equipment needed. How much waste can be reduced, reused, recycled or composted? 

Plan to minimise waste from the start - talk to food and drink vendors about the choices they're making.

Use recycling stations

Have recycling, compost and waste bins all together with signs on the bins.  Put the recycling stations near busy traffic areas and at the exit. Make them visible with flags and banners.

You can borrow bins and flags from us for free. Pick them up from customer service at 15 Fitzherbert Street.

Read the pamphlet for more great ideas


How about rewarding people for providing their own containers?

Items left over after the event - could they be reused by charities rather than going to landfill.


Encourage stall holders to recycle and compost their waste. Also plan how customers can recycle or compost their waste.


Compost is better for the environment so try and choose products that are biodegradable.

Waste minimisation plan

Create a waste minimisation policy and plan - communicate out it to everyone involved. 

Most people want to do the right thing, but they get confused at an event, others are just not interested and have an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude. So recycling bins at events are usually very contaminated unless systems are put in place.

For more information

Talk to our waste educator on how to plan a zero waste event.

Pamphlet - Waste Reduction at Events [PDF, 1005 KB]

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