Waste and recycling education

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Waste and recycling education

We recognise waste is an issue for all sectors of the community.  Education helps us to be better informed and helps change the way we do things.

Changing how you treat your waste can lead to other environmental and community improvements.

'Rethink' - the environmental education centre 

Visit the Rethink centre

Located: 386 Palmerston Road, at the Tairawhiti Environment Centre, ph: 867 4708.
Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9am - 3pm, Saturday 11am - 1pm. All welcome.
To book a guided tour for 10 or more people please contact us

Discover how a landfill works, have fun learning to recycle with Cory, Popsi, Phil Me-up, and P Baggy, or learn how to shop wisely at "Choose 'n' Save". 
Visit with your family and friends. Schools or groups can experience the full centre by booking.

Willy on Waste Willy on Waste

Willy on Waste (2.8mb)

To support waste education in local schools.  The resource kit is designed and developed for teachers of district intermediate and primary school pupils.  The kit creates an awareness and knowledge of waste management issues and equips you with the necessary skills to protect and improve our local environment.

The kit comprises 2 programmes, one for Levels 1-2, the other for Levels 3-4.

Willy on Waste

Introduction 15 pages
Resources - everything comes from the earth 16 pages
Waste generation has increased 12 pages
What is a landfill?  11 pages
Reduce  11 pages
Reuse  6 pages
Recycle  24 pages
Organic waste - composting and worm farming 9 pages
Hazardous waste4 pages