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Wainui Beach coastal hazard zone

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Wainui Beach coastal hazard zone

The review of the 1995 Wainui Beach coastal hazard zone between Tuahine Point to Makorori Point.
This report was prepared for the purpose of controlling coastal subdivision, use and development and alerting the public of the risks to coastal property from the identified natural coastal hazards of marine erosion and flooding, and coastal landslip.
Gisborne District Council commissioned Coastal Management Consultancy (CMCL), Dr Jeremy Gibb, to prepare the report in 2001.
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Wainui Beach Coastal Hazard Zone 1995 Review by CMCL (3.8MB) - includes Appendix l-ll

Appendix lll - 5 maps

Map 1 - Wainui Beach hazard zones (169kb)
Map 2 - Tuahine Crescent to Wairere Road (267kb)
Map 3 - Wairere Road to Douglas Street (310kb)
Map 4 - Douglas Street, Winifred Street and Moana Road (238kb)
Map 5 - Moana Road and Sirrah Street (182kb)

Report included in the following plans

Regional Coastal Environment Plan - chapter 3.8.4
Combined Regional land and District Plan - chapter 5

Documents applied to this report

Section 32 Analysis of Criteria (474kb)
For this analysis, the criteria adopted by Gisborne District Council for assessing coastal hazard areas (Appendix I) are used as the basis for evaluating the potential alternatives according to the general requirements of S.32 of the Act. For the evaluation, the relevant provisions of The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 1994 (NZCPS-94) are used as a guideline. Because of its relevance, a brief history is given of coastal hazard mapping in the Gisborne district.

Techniques for Assessing Coastal Hazard Areas (404kb)
Coastal hazards areas within the Gisborne district assessed by one of 2 techniques. Technique I is an assessment of areas sensitive to coastal hazards which was applied to medium priority sections of the coast. Technique II is an assessment of coastal hazard zones including risk zonation, for highly priority sections of coast.