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Utility services - before you dig

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Utility services - before you dig

Before you dig on your property or in the road reserve (road corridor), find out if there are any pipes or cables running under the site and where they're located. 
Digging includes building a fence, major landscaping, excavation, concreting, installing an in-ground pool or a new driveway etc.

If you have a blocked sewer or need to locate your water toby urgently, we can tell you where the laterals are.

If you're digging anywhere on any Council land, including road corridor, you need approval first, apply for a Corridor Access Request

Water, wastewater and stormwater - pipe location

Gisborne District Council

phone: customer service 0800 653 800
website: drainage plan request form
email: service@gdc.govt.nz

Request a drainage plan of your property.  Most houses built prior to 1996 won't show stormwater pipes. 
A residential property search application for plumbing and drainage plans takes 24 hours to process.

Power - cable location

Eastland Network

website: Eastland Network(external link)

Phone - cable location

The plan service is free.  Just allow at least 48 hours (2 working days) notice.
website: Chorus(external link)
phone: 0800 248 344
email: planrequest@beforeudig.co.nz

If you do damage a cable, let Chorus know straight away.  Phone: 0800 463 896

Gas - pipe location

phone: 0800 248 344
website: Before U Dig(external link)

Utility providers - contact details

Contact the power and gas providers


phone: 0800 800 123
faults: 120 or 0800 22 55 98

More information

Visit the Before U Dig website(external link)