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Total outdoor water ban in place

15 Feb 2019

Total outdoor water ban in place

The public are urged to restrict water to essential use as work continues to get the main pipe back up and running.

Supply from the Waingake treatment plant will return to normal by 3pm this afternoon but it will take several days for the reservoirs to replenish to a level that ensures ongoing supply.

Contractors worked throughout the night to stop the leak and repair the pipe. This morning a patch was welded in place.

Once the water is flowing, households may notice the water is white or milky - this is just air trapped in the water - read more about common water issues(external link).

We are now on level five water restrictions, which means a total outdoor water ban at all times – this will be in place until late this afternoon.

Dam water levels are over 80 percent full, which is good for this time of the year.

Thanks to everyone who has made an effort to conserve water, and also to our contractors and staff who worked all night to fix the issue.