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Tolaga Bay Township Plan

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Tolaga Bay Township Plan

The 2011 Tolaga Bay Township Plan update builds on the work done in 2007 that identified the community's long term vision and key projects. Many of the previous projects have now been completed like the restoration of the wharf, new play equipment, picnic tables and seating and planting days.

New priorities have now emerged and the 5 projects that the community will focus on over the next 10 years are:

  • Tolaga Bay Wharf
  • main street upgrade
  • drainage improvement
  • service retention
  • foreshore enhancement

The other ideas that are important to the community are included in the list at the end of the update and implementation plan.

Tolaga Bay Township Update and Implementation Plan 2011  (155kb)
Approved November 2011

Tolaga Bay Township Plan (1.8mb)
Approved April 2007