Tolaga Bay Camping

Tolaga Bay Camping

Summer campground and freedom camping

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Tolaga Bay Camping

Summer camping at 'Blue Waters' in Tolaga Bay is open until Sunday 4 April 2021. 
For more information and to buy your permit here online.

Freedom camping is only allowed outside the daylight saving period - between Easter to the start of daylight savings. See the freedom camping information

About Tolaga Bay

Tolaga Bay is 54km from Gisborne and 280km from Opotiki. 

The camping area, known as Blue Waters is at the northern end of the bay at the end of Ferneaux Street.  Excellent swimming and fishing. There's a holiday park next to the Tolaga Bay wharf.

Check the map to see where you can summer camp at Tolaga Bay [PDF, 519 KB]

Rubbish collection for summer camping only Rubbish collection point signs

Rubbish bags are provided with your permit. We encourage you to recycle, take it to the nearest recycling centre.

Do not leave rubbish bags on the roadside. Take rubbish bags to the signposted "Collection Point' at the sign on Mondays and Fridays. Also Wednesdays during the peak Christmas/New Year period. Rubbish is collected in the mornings. 

Freedom camping

You can freedom camp in the designated area outside the summer camping season.

Camping is allowed within the designated camping area only.

Maximum stay is 3 nights over any 30-day period.

Please take all your waste with you.

For more information read the Freedom Camping Bylaw

Tolaga Bay - Blue Waters

Tolaga Bay Blue Waters