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Tokomaru Bay alcohol restrictions

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Tokomaru Bay alcohol restrictions

Consultation closed on 25 January on the proposal to restrict people from drinking alcohol in public places in parts of Tokomaru Bay under the Alcohol Control Bylaw. This includes bringing into, or possessing alcohol in public places including in vehicles.

The restrictions apply at all times to state highway 35 and adjacent areas from School Road to the public playground, see the map below.

Statement of Proposal - New Alcohol Control Area for Tokomaru Bay [PDF, 1.4 MB] 
Proposed Amendment to Alcohol Control Bylaw [PDF, 872 KB]

Submission received and next steps

We received 12 submissions with 3 submitters wishing to present at the hearing. All submissions were in support of the proposed changes.

A hearing will be held 6 March and Council will adopt the bylaw in April 2019

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