WFC Scheme

Waipaoa River Flood Control Scheme

The Waipaoa River Flood Control Scheme involves upgrading the existing Waipaoa stopbanks to cater for a 100-year rain event allowing for climate change effects out to 2090.

Project status

To date, 6km of stopbank has been upgraded since construction started in February 2019.

Oct - Dec 2020 - upgrade 2km of stopbanks, eastern side between the Waipaoa rivermouth and the Railway bridge. 

Oct 2020 - Feb 2021 - upgrade 4km of stopbank, eastern side between Willow/Dunstan intersection and Waipaoa SH2 Bridge.

Feb 2021 onward - from Waipaoa SH2 Bridge working upstream

2028: Project completed and scheme fully operational.  

Total project cost estimate - $32-35 million 

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