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Tairāwhiti Plan

Resource Management Plan

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Tairāwhiti Resource Management Plan

The Tairāwhiti Resource Management Plan covers all our resource management plans, including the district plan, regional policy statement, regional coastal plan, regional plans and Freshwater Plan.

For the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry

To locate provisions in the Tairāwhiti Plan, if you know where they're located in the historic plans
Use this tracking sheet [XLSX, 36 KB] 

Tairāwhiti Plan

Part A-Introduction.pdf  

Part B [PDF, 1.9 MB] - Regional Policy Statement 

Part-C1-4-.pdf  C1 Air Quality, C2 Built Environment, Infrastructure, Energy, C3 Coastal Management, C4 Cultural & Historical Heritage

Part C5-8 [PDF, 2.4 MB] Region Wide Provisions: C5 Environmental Risk, C6 Freshwater, C7 Land Management, C8 Natural Hazards

Part C9-11 [PDF, 2.6 MB] Region Wide Provisions: C9 Natural Heritage. C10 Subdivision, C11 General Controls

Part D [PDF, 4.6 MB] - Area Based Provisions

Part E [PDF, 1.5 MB] - Definitions 

Part F [PDF, 1.4 MB] - Procedural Matters

Part G - Schedules

G1 Schedule [PDF, 52 KB] -  A.S.C.V Site Sheets and Location Maps
G2A Schedule [PDF, 914 KB] - Archaeological Sites Schedule (NZAA & HPT)
G2B Schedule [PDF, 32 KB] - Archaeological Area Schedule
G3 Schedule [PDF, 86 KB] - Waahi Tapu Schedule
G4 Schedule [PDF, 272 KB] - Central Business District - Heritage Schedule 
G5 Schedule [PDF, 355 KB] - Post European Contact Schedule
G6 Schedule [PDF, 32 KB] - District Plan Heritage Orders
G7A Schedule [PDF, 257 KB] - Protection Management Area Overlay
G7B Schedule [PDF, 70 KB] - Regionally and Nationally rare or threatened species found in the Gisborne District 
G8 Schedule [PDF, 92 KB] - Important Geological Sites and Schedules
G9 Schedule [PDF, 40 KB] - Gisborne District Contaminated Sites Schedule
G10 Schedule [PDF, 1.6 MB] - Structure Plan for the Citrus Grove Development Control Area
G11 Schedule [PDF, 406 KB] - Protection Management Area Values
G12 Schedule [PDF, 1.7 MB] - Agreement between the Minister of Conservation and the Gisborne District Council
G13 Schedule [PDF, 60 KB] - Coastal Hazard Overlay Standards and Assessment Criteria
G14 Schedule [PDF, 37 KB] - Water Classifications
G15 Schedule [PDF, 410 KB] - Aquatic Ecosystems Waterbodies
G16 Schedule [PDF, 386 KB] - Migrating and Spawning Habitats of Native Fish
G17 Schedule [PDF, 324 KB] - Regionally Significant Wetlands
G18 Schedule [PDF, 199 KB] - Outstanding Waterbodies
G19 Schedule [PDF, 172 KB] - Significant Recreation Areas
G20 Schedule [PDF, 122 KB] - Watercourses in Land Drainage Areas and Ecological Values
G21 Schedule [PDF, 795 KB] - Protected Watercourses
G22 Schedule [PDF, 126 KB] - Marine Areas of Coastal Significance as Defined in the Coastal Environment Plan
G23 Schedule [PDF, 199 KB] - Aquifers in the Gisborne Region
G24 Schedule [PDF, 183 KB] - Taruheru Block Infrastructure Plan
G25 Schedule [PDF, 300 KB] - Designation Requirements

Part H - Appendices

H1 Appendix [PDF, 74 KB] - Analysis of Soil Conservation Works Requirements
H2 Appendix [PDF, 191 KB] - Airport Designation Noise Conditions
H3A Appendix [PDF, 107 KB] - Airport Height Control Surface
H3B Appendix [PDF, 516 KB] - Air Corridor Heights Limits
H3C Appendix [PDF, 1 MB] - Airport Noise Boundaries
H3D Appendix [PDF, 313 KB] - Recession Plane Indicator
H4 Appendix [PDF, 204 KB] - Hazardous Facilities Screening Procedure (HFSP)
H5 Appendix [PDF, 53 KB] - List of Residential Protection Zones Sites
H6 Appendix [PDF, 2.6 MB] - Central Business District Inner Commercial Design Guidelines
H7 Appendix [PDF, 42 KB] - Recommended Tree Species for Rural Industrial Zone
H8 Appendix [PDF, 32 KB] - Transport Corridor
H9 Appendix [PDF, 90 KB] - Verandah Requirements
H10 Appendix [PDF, 39 KB] - Perimeter fencing standards for deer
H11 Appendix [PDF, 3.1 MB] - Roading Concept Plan
H12 Appendix [PDF, 1.4 MB] - Landscaping requirements: Types for aviation, commercial and Rural B Zone
H13 Appendix [PDF, 40 KB] - Offensive Trades
H14 Appendix [PDF, 139 KB] - Floodwater Flow Paths Industrial A Zone
H15 Appendix [PDF, 21 KB] - Selected Sections of CAA Rule Part 77: Objects and Activities Affecting Navigable Airspace
H16 Appendix [PDF, 29 KB] - Ambient Air Quality Guidelines 
H17 Appendix [PDF, 53 KB] - Calculation of Chimney Heights
H18 Appendix [PDF, 79 KB] - Training Requirements for Qualifications to Apply Agrichemicals
H19 Appendix [PDF, 227 KB] - Culvert Construction Guidelines for Council Administered Drainage Areas
H20 Appendix [PDF, 109 KB] - Requirements of Farm Environment Plans
H21 Appendix [PDF, 364 KB] - Bore Construction Requirements
H22 Appendix [PDF, 117 KB] - Irrigation Management Plans
H23 Appendix [PDF, 176 KB] - Clearances, Setbacks and Maximum Slope Gradients for Installation of Disposal Systems
H24 Appendix [PDF, 216 KB] - Wastewater Flow Allowances 
H25 Appendix [PDF, 119 KB] - Unreticulated Wastewater Treatment and Storage and Disposal Systems
H26 Appendix [PDF, 122 KB] - Wetland Management Plans
H27 Appendix [PDF, 32 KB] - List of Approved Sites for Election Signs
H28 Appendix [PDF, 19 KB] - Properties Exempt from Commercial Noise Standards: Awapuni Road
H29 Appendix [PDF, 47 KB] - Requirements of demand management plans for municipal and community water supplies

H30 Appendix [PDF, 1.3 MB]- inner Harbour onsite parking exemption zones