Te Karaka Township Plan

Te Karaka

Township plan

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Te Karaka Community Plan

The 2013 we worked with the Te Karaka community to create a plan that was an expression of the community's aspirations for the future.  It was agreed the plan would need to be driven by community effort with support as from agencies like Turanga Health and Council. The community had 7 priorities for change, they were: roads, kerbs and channels; health and appearance; slow vehicle traffic; welcome signs; improve footpaths; address localised flooding and beautify the township. 

As part of the Ten Year Plan Te Karaka township upgrade was completed in 2015. The upgrade included 

  • asphalt paving to Cliff, Main and Kanakanaia roads
  • kerb and channel to Cliff and Main roads
  • street tree pits with trees under planted with native grasses
  • traffic island to township centre with feature tree and shrub planting
  • entry signage and planted garden to Main Road turnoff
  • sump and stormwater drainage on Library Road
  • street lighting upgraded with LED luminaires as a part of the LED lighting project

Te Karaka Community Plan approved December 2013

Te Karaka Township Plan approved May 2008