Te Hapara Sands Aquifer

Groundwater bore survey

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Te Hapara Sands Aquifer groundwater bore survey

If your property is within the Te Hapara Sands aquifer we would like your feedback on the survey below on groundwater bores.  

The Te Hapara Sands aquifer covers a large proportion of urban Gisborne as well as the agricultural and horticultural land towards Muriwai. For more information on groundwater takes and consents.

We would like to gather information on how much water is currently being used and the data provided will help us sustainably manage water quality and quantity.

This survey is not for compliance purposes - just to gather information.

We'd also like to hear from you if you have a bore installed, but it's not being used. 

Te Hapara Sands aquifer

If you have more than one bore on your property, can you please complete the survey for each separate bore, thank you.

What do you use the water for?

When do you use the water and how much per month?

March - May (autumn)
June - August (winter)
September - November (spring)
December - February (summer)

About the bore

Does the bore have a water meter?
Please attach bore log if you keep one