Taruheru River

Restoration Project

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Taruheru River restoration project

The Taruheru River and its tributaries cover a range of land uses including forestry, pastoral farming, horticulture, reserves and urban areas.

Our monitoring has shown that water quality is very poor in stretches of the river on the Poverty Bay Flats and in the Gisborne urban area. This is effecting the ecological values of the river, along with its use for safe recreation as a popular swimming and boating area. 

The Taruheru River restoration project aims to improve water quality in the Taruheru River by reducing nutrient and bacteria levels so they're within acceptable levels for swimming and recreational activities. 

Monitoring pollution

We've been monitoring and collecting data to find out what factors were contributing to pollution. Staff did inspections by kayaking and walking the length of the river.

We began weekly sampling at several sites over summer and we'll continue monthly sampling to gather a baseline of data to compare over the year. Faecal source tracking will be happening in March and April to identify trends in the faecal traces and their sources. 

How you can help

Improving the river's water quality is going to take a joint effort from Council and the surrounding community.

If you're keen to participate with sampling or interested in planting or cleaning up 'your part' of the river, please email TaruheruRiverProject@gdc.govt.nz

If you see any new discharges or any illegal dumping please contact us.

In future our aim is to get the community more involved with this project, keep an eye out for updates and newsletters. 

More information

Faecal Source Tracking in the Taruheru River [PDF, 3.7 MB]  

2013 Review of the Taruheru River [PDF, 1.5 MB]