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Surf break identification and protection

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Surf break identification and protection

The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 (NZCPS) includes policies Council must consider in the management of the Gisborne coastal environment. There are new requirements for the protection and preservation of surf breaks of national significance and access to them.

The NZCPS identifies that Gisborne has 3 of 17 nationally significant surf breaks:

  • Makorori - the Point and Centres
  • Wainui Beach - Stock Route, Pines and Whales
  • Tuamotu Island ('the island')

Council commissioned a study of Gisborne district surf breaks in summer 2011. The study investigates what is necessary to identify surf breaks and their values, and provide for sustainable management in the coast environment as a natural resource.

Surf break identification and protection in the Gisborne district (3.5MB 65 pages)

Council intends to take this work further and start work on policy development from mid 2012.