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Stormwater upgrade

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Stormwater upgrade - Rutene Road

What we’re doing

We're installing an additional stormwater pipe along Rutene Road between Harris and Maki streets.

This is Stage One of the stormwater upgrade to add more capacity to the Kaiti network system, it will help reduce flooding in the area and emergency discharges into the river during heavy rain events.

The work is taking place from now until June 2020.
The cost of the project is $2.6m.

This project is part of the $40 million that we will invest to upgrade wastewater and stormwater systems on private and public property by 2028.
For more information about the DrainWise programme 


Timeline of work

January to June 2020 – Installation of the new stormwater pipe on the south side of Rutene Road. Contractors will work in 2 teams at different locations during the installation.

Road closures and traffic disruptions

Harris Street - between Wainui and Rutene roads, the intersection will be closed at the Rutene Road, for the duration of the works from late January to June.
A detour will be in place via Rawiri Street and Wainui Road. 

Rutene Road temporary lanes between Harris and Maki streets - 2 temporary traffic lanes will be installed with cones. Speed restrictions will be in place.

The pipe installation will cross Rutene Road at Harris Street and Maki Street.  Each of these installations will take approximately one day. Stop/go traffic control will be in place.

Rutene Road TMP

Rutene Road parking

There will be no roadside parking on Rutene Road between Harris and Maki streets for the duration of the works.

Cyclists and pedestrians

Cyclists are advised to take extreme care when cycling through the temporary lanes.

The footpath will be affected at times. Signage will direct pedestrians around work sites.

Property driveways and footpath access

Rutene Road - access to properties will be limited as contractors work across driveways. The disruption will be kept to a minimum. Contractors will notify property owners as and when they’re affected to arrange access.

Stage 2 of the project

Stage 2 of the upgrade will continue from Maki Street to De Lautour Road. This project will go out for tender at the completion of Stage One, work is expected to begin later in 2020.