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Sprinkler restrictions to conserve city water

30 Jan 2020

Sprinkler restrictions to conserve city water

Water Level 2

With hot sunny days forecast for the coming weeks, a level 2 water restriction(external link) is now in effect for Gisborne city.

This means sprinkler use is limited to between 6am and 8am for residential properties, and commercial users on town supply are asked to conserve water.

Water consumption peaked in the last two days with usage at 24.6 million litres on Tuesday and 27.5 million litres yesterday - exceeding what the Waingake Water Treatment Plant can deliver in a day (22.5m litres).

The Waipaoa Water Treatment Plant is currently operating to assist with the demand.

Team leader for drinking water Judith Robertson says consumption data shows the hotter the day, the more water is being used.

“The long range forecast shows hot sunny days and low rainfall could continue until March. With the increased demand, reservoir storage is depleting and we need the community to get behind conservation efforts to avoid more heightened restrictions.

“Industry and commercial users should conserve water and limit outdoor water use where possible,” she says.

Due to low river flows, restrictions on taking water from some rivers are in place affecting a number of consent holders who take river water for horticulture and commercial uses.

“Restrictions are necessary to ensure we conserve drinking water supply for the city,” says Ms Robertson.

“Along with adhering to the restrictions on sprinklers, people can make a difference in their household by fixing any leaking taps and using water efficiently.

“Filling a basin for rinsing, having a full load before using the washing machine or dishwasher, and using ‘smart’ water habits can save hundreds of litres a day.

“The restriction will remain in place until further notice. We’ll continue to monitor consumption rates and dam levels to determine if we need to go to the next level – a total sprinkler ban - or if there’s enough savings to lift the restriction.”

More water saving tips(external link) can be found on Council’s website.