Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund

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Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund

Getting involved in regular sport competitions is always a challenge for people living in rural communities.
The Sport NZ rural travel fund is:

  • designed to help subsidise rural travel for junior teams
  • targeted at young people aged between 5-19 years to assist school and club sports teams to participate in local sporting competitions.

There are 2 funding rounds each year for winter and summer sports codes. 

  • winter codes close last Friday in April at 5pm
  • summer codes closes Friday 18 November at 5pm

No late applications will be accepted or considered.

Applications will only be considered from rural areas, it excludes Gisborne city.

Assessment criteria

The grant provides assistance for:

  • travel costs related to local regular sports competition for junior teams (5-19 years)

The fund is not available for travelling to regional or national events.

School sports teams and sports clubs are defined as:

  • a school sports team participating in regular local sport competition in weekends, which excludes inter-school and intra-school competitions played during school time
  • a sports club team participating in organised, regular sport competition through club membership outside of school time.

Selection process

Applications are considered by a local allocations committee made up of Council staff and a Sports Gisborne Tairāwhiti representative who have an understanding of the challenges rural sports teams face.  

How do organisations apply for funding?

Organisations need to fill in an application form below. 
Or pick one up from our customer service centres.  Here's our contact information 

Application form 

Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund Application Form [PDF, 120 KB]

What information must be provided?

Applicants are requested to provide:

  • A fully completed application form
  • A balance sheet from your organisation ie. financial statement.
  • A bank deposit slip  (in case your application is approved)
  • Evidence of your endorsement from your local affiliated club/school. (if required)

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

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