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Smartcard Q&As

Smartcards are prepay travel cards that can we used on GizzyBus and Waka Kura buses.
Waka Kura student cards cannot be used on GizzyBus fares.

The benefits of a smartcard are you don't have to carry cash every time you ride a bus.
You can easily top up the card on the Transportme Passenger app and it's quick and easy to use.

Transportme app

With the Transportme Passenger app, you can check your balance and top up, it also shows you when the bus will arrive at your stop.

Download the Transportme Passenger app

The app is available for Android and Apple devices. Download the app from the app store.

Where can I buy a smartcard?

You can buy a smartcard at Paper Plus Gisborne or at the Go Bus office at 34 Banks Street. The Go Bus is open Monday-Friday 8am - 4.30pm.

How to pay for a fare using a smartcard

Once you board the bus, tap your smartcard over the reader and your fare is deducted from your card's balance. 

How to top up a smartcard

It's better to top up using the Transportme app.
You can also pay by cash or EFTPOS at Paper Plus Gisborne or at the Go Bus offices, note the added amount won't appear until the next day. 
The minimum recharge is $10. 

Does the balance on a smartcard expire?

No, there's no expiry on a smartcard balance.

If I damage my smartcard, can I get a replacement?

Yes, but there's a cost of $6

Any card that's damaged or can't be read by the card reader device will cost $6 to replace.

The available credit on a smartcard is non-refundable. The balance can be transferred to a new card, but needs to be done at the Go Bus office.