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Simple plastic-free swaps

14 May 2019

Simple plastic-free swaps

Plastic free swaps

With plastics recycling changes from June 1, there are loads of simple swaps and changes that every household can make to reduce their use of plastics and contribute to overall waste minimisation.

Make product packaging a factor in your purchasing decisions and aim to generate as little waste as possible with what your household consumes.

Here’s some tips to get started with:

-       Choose products that come in glass jars, tins or cardboard rather than plastic. All are easily recyclable and you can repurpose glass jars for dry goods and food storage.

-       Switch to bar soap instead of shower gels

-       Switch to bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic.

-       Keep reusable bags for groceries and produce in your car to avoid plastic bags

-       Buy in bulk using reusable or paper bags

-       Make your own or use refillable cleaning products

-       Bring your own containers / keep cup for takeaway foods or dine-in

-       If you are a big consumer of carbonated drinks, consider investing in a soda stream to make your own.

-       Make your own yoghurt

-       Avoid products where the items are individually wrapped (ie snack foods, teabags)

Keep an eye on our website and upcoming issues of eNews for more tips on how you can minimise waste and plastics in your household.