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Selling food - charitable, fundraising and exemptions

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Selling food - charitable, fundraising and exemptions

To sell food at a market or event or online in the Gisborne district you need to register as a food business and meet the same requirements as other registered food businesses, unless you are exempt.

Here's the information on registering a food business

Exemptions from registering as a food business

Some sellers are exempt from registering as a food business and from the Food Act requirements(external link)

These exemptions are approved under the Food Act 2014. Food sellers or groups who are exempt don't need to apply for permission to sell food, but must comply with MPIs Food Safety Rules(external link) 

Type of food seller Requirement
Fruit or vegetable grower only selling unprocessed fruit or vegetables they have grown, direct to the consumer Exempt but must not sell ready to eat salads
Charity or fundraising group selling food fewer than 20 times in a calendar year Exempt
A person selling food once per year Exempt
A retailer selling manufacturer packaged shelf-stable food such as packaged nuts, chips, confectionery. Exempt 

Homekill and recreational catch

The Animal Products Act 1999 states that homekill and recreationally caught food such as fish and game, must not be sold. Selling includes:

• using for advertising purposes, as a prize or for fundraising
• bartering 
• supplying as part of a contract
• supplying as part of a charge for another product or service. 

Preparing or selling food once per year

If you sell food only once a year, you don’t need to apply to Council for approval or registration, but your food must be safe and suitable to eat. 
See MPIs website for food safety rules(external link) 

If selling at an event or market, the organiser may ask you for confirmation that you are exempt. Complete this form to apply for approval
Food Fundraising Form - Single Date [PDF, 251 KB]

Organising an event

If you're organising or running an event in the Gisborne Tairāwhiti district, here's the information and other consents and licenses you may need to apply for.

Event organisers may also need to monitor food sellers and facilitate food safety at the event. See MPI's resource Food safety tips for event organisers(external link)

All registered operators should be able to provide a copy of their registration, or you can search their registration using MPI's public register(external link)

Need more information?

Please contact our food team if you have any questions on food safety or any operators registered in the Gisborne district phone 0800 653 800 or email food@gdc.govt.nz