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Selected Owner Policy

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Selected Owner Policy

As a way to encourage dog owners to take good care of their dogs and be a responsible dog owner, Gisborne District Council has a Selected Dog Owner Policy.

This policy rewards responsible dog owners with a discounted registration fee.  See dog fees and charges

Become a selected dog owner

Are you a responsible dog owner with a fully fenced, dog proof property? If you meet the criteria below you can apply to be a selected dog owner.

To qualify, we prefer that your dog is neutered and you need to meet the following criteria:

  • your dog is microchipped
  • your dog registration must always be paid before 31 July each year
  • good dog ownership history - no record of impounding, infringements or justified complaints against your dog
  • if you have more than one dog at the property – you must have a permit to keep more than one dog

For your property to comply

Your dog must be contained on your property within a:

  •  fully fenced containment area (not necessarily a fully fenced yard/garden) suitable to the size of your dog
  • suitable gated entrance to the front door. Visitors to your property must have free access to the front door without entering the area where the dog is kept
  • suitable enclosure to contain the dog within the fenced area. A shed within the fenced area can be a suitable enclosure

See image below for an example of a property layout.

If you comply with the above criteria, you can apply for Selected Owner.

How and when to apply for Selected Owner

There's no cost involved in applying.  It's best to apply before 1 May, as the discount will apply from the following annual registration period.

Fill in the Application for Selected Dog Owner

When you return it to us, we will contact you to arrange a time to inspect your property. You need to be present for the property inspection and to discuss the obligations of a Selected Owner.

If your property does not meet the criteria on the first visit, a $60/hr fee may be charged for any further visit to assess the property.

If you have been a Selected Owner in another district, it does not automatically qualify you for this status in the Gisborne district.

If you change addresses, you need to notify us and we will inspect your property for compliance.

We reserve the right to revoke any Selected Owner status for any breach of conditions.

Example of a property layout  

Property plan.