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School patrols call for help

10 Nov 2020

School patrols call for help

For the 50 student patrollers at Kaiti School, the growing number of distracted drivers is making their jobs even more challenging.

Deputy principal Mandy Owen is calling on road users to pay more attention around schools and says drivers are more distracted than ever before.

“Speed is still a major issue at our crossing, especially with vehicles coming from the Wainui direction,” she said.

“We’re also really disappointed and concerned to see how many people are on their phones while driving.

“It’s just not good enough and it’s not fair on the tamariki who are doing school patrols, who are often out there in all kinds of weather.”

Kaiti School has a successful rotational patrol programme with three classes of year six students taking part.

“Doing patrols is a big responsibility for the tamariki and they’re stepping up to take care of the other students and their families. Drivers need to do the same.”

Police school community officer constable Carolyn Hodgkinson says the Tairāwhiti school patrols do an excellent job but also reiterated that they all need more support from road users.

“This road safety awareness week we’re asking drivers to ditch the distractions and always scan for potential risks when driving past schools,” she said.

“Drivers should always prepare to stop when approaching a pedestrian crossing.”


Photo below (Courtesy of the Gisborne Herald): Police Constable Sam Cairns, Kaiti School deputy principal Mandy Owen, Police Constable Carolyn Hodgkinson and the year six Kaiti School patrol team.