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Scattering ashes

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Scattering ashes

There are a things to consider if you wish to scatter the ashes of your loved one.

Public places like reserves, parks and gardens are used for picnics, events, sports and family activities. We strongly discourage scattering ashes in any public garden, park or reserve.   

Ashes can be scattered on private property, if the property owner gives their permission. But remember private property can also change ownership.

If you would like a long-lasting memorial – ashes can be interred at public cemeteries.
More information, forms and fees for ash burials 

Read the bylaw for scattering ashes in a cemetery

What to think about before scattering or burying ashes

Different cultures have different ways of dealing with cremation and ashes. Please consider this before deciding where to scatter ashes.

Be aware of areas that are culturally sensitive or are sacred sites (waahi tapu) to Maori. They are waterways - rivers and beaches, mountains (maunga) any occupied area such as reserves and anywhere food is grown.

Please contact the local kaumatua or runanga representative before scattering ashes near any of these locations.

Or contact us for guidance on seeking approval, or talk to your funeral service provider.

Protect the environment

Our waterways,bays and soils are home to native plants, birds and fish. The use of plastic, paper, string, ash and other materials can pollute these spaces. Protect our natural environment, take all cloth, paper, plastic, wire, string and other materials with you.