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Rugby World Cup brings life-saving benefits to Olympic Pool

9 May 2012

Rugby World Cup brings life-saving benefits to Olympic Pool

The Rugby World Cup is over – but the benefits of the Cup are still continuing in local communities around New Zealand.

Philips donated 20 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to each of the Rugby World Cup teams. These AEDs have now been returned to St John to give back to local communities in New Zealand.

St John Gisborne team manager, Shane Clapperton says “AEDs are lifesaving pieces of equipment - it gives a short electric shock to the heart allowing the heart to regain its natural rhythm after a person suffers a cardiac arrest (or more commonly known as) a heart attack. Having an AED available can increase the chance of a person’s survival by up to 40%”

“We are donating the AEDs to the communities where the teams were based. Gisborne hosted the Namibia team during the Cup so it is only fitting the Gisborne community receives an AED,” says Shane.

“The FX AED Defibrillators were kindly donated to St John by Philips Healthcare and we worked with Gisborne District Council to determine the best place for the AED to be situated. Gisborne Olympic Pool was chosen because of the number of people who use the facility.”

Olympic Pool Manager Hendrik Geyer says the pool staff are very grateful for the donation. “We hope that we never have to use the device. It gives pool staff peace of mind knowing that quality first aid equipment is available when needed. Staff will attend St Johns training on the use of the AED and ensure it is maintained. It will be a true community asset.”

We encourage members of the community to learn CPR and learn to use an AED, says Shane. “It’s easy and you could save someone’s life. Heroes aren’t born – they are trained.”