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Rooks snapped by vigilance

15 Nov 2016

Rooks snapped by vigilance

We are thankful to vigilant members of the community who recently reported sightings of rooks which have contributed to a successful eradication programme during spring. 

Our biosecurity team have been conducting their annual surveillance for the bird pest during September and October.

Biosecurity officers had tracked the sightings in Outer Kaiti and successfully removed 2 adult birds and 2 juveniles from their nest site at the end of Wallis Street. 

“Rooks are an extremely invasive pest, and periodically we get birds from Wairoa trying to establish nests in the district,” says shared services science manager, Lois Easton.

Ms Easton says in large numbers, rooks can be destructive to our environment.

“They can cause significant losses to farming and cropping industries and leave large areas of pasture bare, and vulnerable to weed infestations and wind erosion.

“They are a clever bird, if a nesting group are spooked they will split up and disperse to other locations making it even more difficult to locate them. 

“We’re very pleased our biosecurity team managed to get to them quickly before the juvenile birds left the nest.” 

Contact us to report any sightings of rooks.

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