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Road closure on Tauwhareparae Road

29 Apr 2020

Road closure on Tauwhareparae Road

Tauwhareparae Road is closed to heavy vehicles at the 20km mark due to safety concerns about the stability of the road surface where a major retaining wall construction is taking place.

The period of the road closure is to be confirmed and the road remains open to light vehicles and utes only.

This closure is separate to the Mangaheia Bridge no.1 repair which reopened to all traffic yesterday.

Engineers have been monitoring cracking on the road surface and hillside during the repair, which has continued during lockdown.

Further movement of the hillside has caused the cracking to worsen and with intense heavy vehicle movement expected in coming weeks, the decision was made to close the road to heavy vehicles while repairs take place.

Alternative repair options are being evaluated in order to reopen the road as soon as possible. Work is also underway to ensure the alternative route through Mata Road is in the best possible condition.

More details about the closure period and repair will be provided in coming days.