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Predicted river level

Hikuwai, Te Arai, Waiapu, Waimata, Waipaoa rivers

River level forecast

River stage forecasting for Hikuwai, Te Arai, Waiapu, Waimata and Waipaoa rivers.
We also use this information for flood warnings. You can subscribe to text alerts for these rivers

Note: The predicted river stage information is computer generated and may differ from official notifications issued by Civil Defence.  Official notifications take precedence over model forecasts if there are any conflicts. Metservice provide rainfall forecasts, with this data Council models generate predicted river stages for up to 3 days ahead.

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  Actual river and rainfall inputs Forecast rainfall inputs Model rerun times Web display
Estimated data refresh times Maximum of hourly, at 12 minutes past the hour Maximum of hourly, at 12 minutes past the hour 4.30, 10.30, 16.30 and 22.30 (NZST) Hourly at 15 minutes past the hour Maximum of 1 hour delay from model runtime

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