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Rere Reserves Management Plan

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Rere Reserves Management Plan

The Rere Reserve Management Plan provides guidance for the administration and management of Rere Falls and Rere Rockslide Reserves.  Rere Reserve is 45km north-west of Gisborne, approximately 40 minutes drive. 

Rere Falls was the site of a small hydro-electric power station which supplied power for lights to the local hall and farming community. The intake and the concrete generator base are still visible.  The unit was removed when mains power came to Rere in 1948.

The Rere Rockslide is a natural feature of Wharekopae River. Over thousands of years water has worn a smooth rock-face to create a 60m long waterslide, ending in a large swimming hole. This activity has elements of risk and adventure, which appeals to a number of visitors.

The Rere Reserve Management Plan was adopted in December 2010.

Rere Reserves Management Plan (2.90mb 30 pages)

Parts of the Plan

Introducing the plan and the reserves (911kb 8 pages)

Legislation and planning policy framework (238kb 4 pages)

Aim, objectives and policies (1.34MB 11 pages)

Capital projects and implementation programme 2011-2015 (19.3kb 1 page)

Appendix 1
Background information
(171kb 3 pages)

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