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Register your dog

Dogs must be registered from 3 months of age.
We post annual registration invoices to all registered dog owners before 1 July each year.  Registration must be paid by 31 July.  A 25% late penalty fee will be added to all fees paid after 31 July.
Due to Covid-19 the payment date has been extended to 31 August 2020.
All dogs registered for the first time must be microchipped within 2 months of registration.

Pay your dog registration

Dog registration is an annual fee.  Each year you get a new tag, make sure your dog wears the tag. 
Ways you can pay your dog registration: 

QuickPay here online(external link) with a debit or credit card   

For internet banking, please quote the code on your invoice. Here's our bank details 

In person at customer service counter. 

Registering a dog for the first time

Complete the dog registration form to register a dog for the first time.

Dog Registration Form [PDF, 208 KB] - writable PDF, save the form to your desktop first then fill in. 

Dog Registration Form [PDF, 120 KB] - download and print the form.

Want to receive your annual invoice by email or mail?

Tell us your preferred method to receive your annual dog registration invoice and any correspondence such as reminder letters. Fill in this online form

Changed your address?

Please tell us if you change your address or the dog's ownership changes. 

Fill in this online form.

Q. Do I need to tell you if I've transferred from another district

A. Yes. You need to register your dog with us, there's no charge if they were registered with another council.

If your dog has died

Let us know. You're entitled to a refund of the current year's registration.  We calculate the refund from the date you notify us that your dog has died. 

Q. If my dog dies can I use the same tag for my new dog?

A. No.  You need to register your new dog and we'll give you a new tag, there's no cost for the new tag.

What your annual registration fees pay for

All councils are required under the Dog Control Act to keep a register of all dogs in their district. And to make sure owners comply with the dog control laws.

The registration fee goes towards the cost of providing dog control services. We have 6 officers based at Gisborne and Te Puia Springs who look after dog and stock control across our entire district. Fees also help to pay for: 

• promotion, tools and maintaining registrations  
• investigation of complaints and non-compliance  
• the dog pound and caring for offending and stray animals 
• prosecutions of people responsible for dogs that attack 
• providing information to the DIA National Dog Database 
• education programmes and materials

The fee takes into account the balance between all owners bearing the costs of dog control, and the benefits to ratepayers of having safe and well controlled dogs in the community.

Responsible dog owners are recognised in our fee structure and pay a lower cost as a Selected Owner.