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Regional Pest Management Plan

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Regional Pest Management Plan

The Regional Pest Management Plan and operational plan provide for the efficient and effective assessment, management and/or eradication of pest plants and animals in the Gisborne district. 

Regional Pest Management Plan 2017-2027 [PDF, 4 MB]

2018-19 Operational Regional Pest Management Plan [PDF, 1.7 MB] 
It includes monitoring plans and work programmes for identified locations:

Eradication programme for rook and Mediterranean fanworm and 14 pest plants.

Progressive containment programme for mosquito fish and 19 pest plants including holly leaved senecio, moth plant, variegated thistle and woolly nightshade.

Sustained control programme for Argentine and Darwin's ant, feral goats, hare, possum. feral plague rabbit and 10 pest plants including blackberry, pampas, ragwort, and variegated thistle.

Site led programme for 15 pest animals including feral cat, magpie, rabbit, rat, stoat, wasp and weasel and 16 pest plants including agapanthus, phoenix palm, privet, and common ivy.