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Redeployment programme projects

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Redeployment programme projects

The 5 redeployment programme projects are:

Re-metalling local roads

Project 1 - $14.6m – redeployment target 50 full time workers

The unsealed local road network of Tairāwhiti is an important role in connecting sparsely populated and relatively isolated communities as well as key regional producers with market destinations.
Many of our roads are susceptible due to our erosion-prone landscape which leads to poor condition, adverse weather, excessive wear and tear, and other factors which bring both economic and social consequence to communities and regional producers.
This project, has 3 phases – crushing, haulage and placement, will see around 95,000 cubic metres of aggregate laid on these roads.


Remove hazardous trees from local roads

Project 2 - $5.3m – redeployment target 75 full time works

Every year up to 900 trees fall onto local roads causing danger and disruption for people travelling.
The project encompasses the identification and elimination of up to 2000 hazardous trees on 93 roads across our region, leading to greater safety on our roads. Wood waste from the project will be made available as firewood to those in need throughout the community. 


Kaitiaki o te whenua (caretakers of the land)

Project 3 - $1.115m – redeployment target 70 full time workers

In line with Council responsibilities and support for the environment, this project includes work on Tītīrangi (Kaiti Hill), at Uawa, the Kopututea dunes along the city beach, plant pest removal, support of the parks and reserves programme as well as the park tree maintenance and planting programme, work at the Taruheru Cemetery, around the city, and more.


Tree clearance from powerlines

Project 4 - $2m (contracted to Eastland Group) – redeployment target 25 full time workers

Eastland Group, who own regional lines company Eastland Network, are leading the project to clear trees from powerlines. It's a collaborative effort that includes a number of local tree contractors, who are expanding and accelerating their programmes to clear the trees. 


Regional workforce plans

Project 5 - $40,000

This project looks to increase the region’s workforce capabilities and capacities by delving into 4 key sectors – forestry, horticulture, civil construction and tourism, which includes hospitality and accommodation.
The Programme will be supported by sectors, including transport and logistics, engineering and construction.
The goal is to better understand the regional employment opportunities and identify
openings for local talent, ensuring they have the skills and training to fill positions.