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Rating information database

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Rating information database

The Rating Information Database is available for inspection at our customer service centres.

Ratepayers have the right to object to any of the information included in the Rating Information Database.

Names and addresses on the Rating Information Database

Names and addresses of property owners are publicly available on the Rating Information Database (RID), unless you request them to be confidential.  

If you want your name and postal address confidential on the RID database, you can fill in the form below 

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Inspection of rates records

The rates record for a rating unit is available to the public with respect to rates assessed. This does not include arrears, remissions or postponed rates. These restricted details are available to the owner, ratepayer, an authorised person by the ratepayer, a person who becomes liable to pay the rates after payments are defaulted. Or a person who provides conveyancing services, a real estate agent or other person who is a party to or acting agent for a party to a transaction relating to the rating unit. This prevents unauthorised persons viewing or receiving information about the state of a rate account in accordance with Section 38 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Request for details to be confidential on the RID 

Fill in this form to request that your name and/or postal address is made confidential on the Rating Information Database register.

This suppression will be applied to all properties that your name is associated with.

Property details

Owner details

Complete details for each separate owner as shown on your rates invoice

Owner One

I request that Council withhold my:

Owner Two

I request that Council withhold my: