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Rates and valuation information

Rates and valuation search

Search a Gisborne property's rates and valuation details.

Covid-19 Relief Options

Rate relief options include a payment plan, defer your rates, rate remission.

Rate remissions

Rate remission policies and application forms

Rates rebate scheme

Low income homeowners can apply for a rebate

Paying your rates

All the ways you can pay your rates instalments.

Water meter rates

Commercial, industrial, rural domestic users are charged for water.

What your rates pay for

A guide to what you pay for. General Rates, UAGC, SUIP explained

EasyPay by Direct Debit

Application form and deduction options

Rating valuation

We revalue properties every 3 years for rating purposes

Rates eNotice

Sign up to receive your rates invoice by email.

Rating Information Database

Request to have your name confidential on the RID register

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