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Public should report tree vandalism

26 Feb 2020

Public should report tree vandalism

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Council has engaged tree specialists to try to save a series of trees that were recently vandalised.

The worst case is four memorial oak trees at Kaiti Memorial Park, all of which were tampered with.

It is yet to be confirmed if they were poisoned but there has been no fresh growth in the trees this year.

Liveable spaces manager De-Arne Sutherland says it’s upsetting to see previously healthy, mature trees vandalised.

“These trees are an asset to our community, providing shade, a canopy shelter and amenity value. It comes at a significant cost to the ratepayer to carry our remedial works to save the trees and if that isn’t effective, it will ultimately cost to remove the trees.”

Contractors flushed the trees with water as part of the remedial works.

There have been other instances of tree vandalism lately at Elsdon Best Reserve and Heath Johnstone Park, where the trunk was significantly hacked into with an axe.

It is intentional criminal damage and all instances have been reported to police.

If you notice any suspicious activity, let us know with the GDC Fix It app or alternatively contact Council customer services.