2020 Revaluations

Property valuations

We commission a general revaluation of all properties in our district every 3 years.

Lewis Wright are our contracted valuation service provider. They have reassessed the rating values of all properties in our district.    

The 2020 values reflect the market value as it was on 1 September 2020.

Valuation notices have been sent out. Ratepayers can expect to receive it by 18 December. You can search property valuations on Tairawhiti Maps(external link)

2020 property revaluations

The values are a snapshot of the market value as it was on 1 September 2020.

Object to valuation of a property

Objections close 5pm Friday 29 January.

Rating valuations on Māori freehold land

New adjustments including the lump sum discount

Property revaluation Q&As

Got a question? We answer those commonly asked question.

Search property valuation

Search a property's valuation details.

RID - Rating Information Database

Inspect the records, request your details are confidential on the database.

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