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Property plans

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Property plans

You can request plans of a property including a floor plan, site plan and any building or plumbing and drainage plans. 

This is useful if you're renovating and need a floor plan, or you're looking to see if any building or plumbing/drainage work was consented.

If you're purchasing a property, we recommend you apply for a LIM (Land Information Memorandum), it will give you much more information about the property.

How long does a search take?

Please note: some property files are not currently available on request. We're converting all our property records including building files to digital. As the files are being scanned we don't readily have access to them. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We search for building plans in electronic databases, microfilm and various hard copy registers.  This is because prior to amalgamation in 1989, the 4 councils had different filing methods.
If your property is within the old Cook County boundary, all the building records prior to 1948 were destroyed in a fire. Therefore we cannot prove whether Cook County Council issued a permit or not for work done prior to 1948.   

Forms and fees

Residential and Rural Property Search Online Form(external link) 

Fees - minimum charge for rural package $60 deposit, residential package $40 deposit. Most recent floor or site plan $15, plumbing and drainage plans $12.

Commercial Property Search [PDF, 225 KB] - writable, save the form to your computer first before filling it in.

Commercial Property Search [PDF, 217 KB] - download, write in the fields, scan and email to us

Fees - $105 deposit. Most recent floor or site plan $16, plumbing and drainage plan $13.  

Processing will start once your payment is received.  If you're paying by internet banking, please tell us when you've made the payment. In the reference fields include your surname and 'Property Search'.   

What the property search does not include

A search of our records will not include compliance schedules, earthquake prone buildings and any rates arrears. If you want this information or a more comprehensive search, we recommend you apply for a LIM.

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