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Privet plant pest

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Privet plant pest

There are 2 species of privet - Tree privet and Chinese privet that are listed in the Regional Pest Management Plan.

Both give off a heavy scent when flowering. This is often suspected as being a contributing cause of ill health for those with respiratory disorders.

Privet is regarded as a Site Led plant pest in the plan. This means:

Council cannot enforce the removal of privet from private property.

Privet control is at the discretion of the landowner on whose property the privet is growing.

Council can advise suitable control methods and awareness of the impact of flowering privet on those with respiratory issues.

The sale, propagation and distribution of privet is prohibited.

How to control privet

Dig out the small plants. 
Remove entire root system or it will regrow.
Cut down larger trees and treat stumps with suitable herbicide to prevent regrowth.
Trim back privet used as an ornamental or hedgerow so it does not flower.