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Potae Avenue to Nelson Road Link

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Potae Avenue to Nelson Road Link

Construction will start soon on the road to link Potae Avenue to Nelson Road. Contractors will first install the culverts in the stream before works starts on the construction of the road.

The link road will improve access and traffic flow throughout the Lytton West area. 

Project budget: $1.8m funded by Development Contributions (from building and resource consents in the area). 
Construction: October 2020 – February 2021, dependent on ground and weather conditions.
Contractors: Siteworx for installing culverts in the stream.
The roading contract will be tendered in August and announced in October.

About the development

Consultation on the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan identified this project as a priority infrastructure project. 

Significant planning and consenting work has been done to enable the delivery of this project.

As the Taruheru subdivision continues to grow, so does the need for improved access for residents and road users. The link will provide an alternative option to the busy Lytton Road and Potae Avenue intersection.

Features of the new link road

Culvert - the replacement of the existing culvert over Hapara stream. This will improve water flow and allow for any additional development that may occur in surrounding areas.

The new link road - designed to enable bus access and accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists. It will include:

• Two 3-metre-wide vehicle lanes with recessed parking bays 
• Energy efficient LED street lighting
• Upgrades to drainage
• School zone speed limits.

Safety crossings - 4 raised crossings designed as speed control measures and will provide pedestrians with a safer access route.

New 1.5m footpath - on the eastern side of the new road starting from the current end of Potae Avenue through to Nelson Road. Its wide design will accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists. 

Any environmental impacts from the development?

All possible efforts have been incorporated into the new road link to minimise any effect that the development work may have on the surrounding environment, including the Hapara stream. The culvert design is in accordance with the Tairawhiti Freshwater Plan to allow for the continual flow of surface water.  

Some trees and vegetation will need to be removed to accommodate the new road and infrastructure. New low growing plantings will be planted near the crossings.
Grass seed will be sown along the new road berms and areas disturbed by the construction works.