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About the package

Through the Tairāwhiti Roading Package, the government’s Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) is investing up to $152m into the Tairāwhiti transport network to unlock our region's economic potential. 

Gisborne District Council is responsible for the local roads component of the package, which has 20 projects and an overall value of up to $65m (if all business cases are approved).

The objective of the investment into Tairāwhiti is not only to improve the condition of the local road network to support continued economic growth, but also to support local business and generate quality employment and training opportunities for local people. 

Alongside the Provincial Development Unit, Gisborne District Council has made a number of changes to the traditional roading model of procurement.

Increased tender weighting on staff training and development and direct procurement to local developing contractors are examples of how Council is ensuring maximum community benefit from this investment.

Applications for PGF projects are approved based on a specific set of economic and social outcomes criteria:

• Increased direct employment opportunities; 
• Improve viability of existing businesses and create new businesses;

• Increase social inclusion and participation;
• Training opportunities for local people;
• Complement existing local visitor activities;
• Better use of iwi assets and Māori development;
• Increased environmental sustainability; and
 •Increased regional or national resilience.

For more information about the Tairāwhiti Roading Package, email