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Videos, media and reports

Media releases on our Provincial Growth Package for the Tairāwhiti Roading Package.

Provincial Growth Fund set to deliver more than just roads - Update on PGF projects and changes made to maximise community benefit.

Freight route upgrades - Local contractors back in action - Work begins on $21.4m project to upgrade freight routes.

Aerodrome Road upgrade brings our people home - Release with photo of fully-funded PGF upgrade.

Greater outcomes for our people [PDF, 381 KB] - PGF investment map shows investment of 2019 and upcoming for 2020

'Key link' - Lytton Road upgrade complete(external link) - Video of before and after PGF funded $2.5m upgrade.

Strengthening our bridges, our communities(external link) - How PGF bridge upgrades are connecting more than roads.

Our people, shaping our communities [PDF, 2.8 MB] - Feature on impact of PGF investment on local employment.

Reconnecting our industries, our people(external link) - Local contractor Dig Eastland staff describe the impact of PGF investment.

Heavy metal, more than just stones(external link) - Downer heavy metal team leader Ray Rogers explains what extra funding means to Tairāwhiti.

East Coast contractors leading change - Release about how Ruatorea-based contractors are making difference in their communities.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle(external link) - Road surface from PGF funded upgrades used to pave local marae.

'Game changer ' - Rakaiatane Road surface upgrade complete(external link) - Video of before and after the PGF funded surface upgrade to access route to Eastland Port.