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There are about 1000 free all-day car parking spaces available within easy walking distance of Gladstone Road. 

Cost to park in the CBD and the time limit.

Parking limit in CBD is 2 hours at $2/hr. Some parking spaces are $1.50/hr.
Check the pay and display machines for more information.

Parking spaces allowing 8 hours metered parking are $1/hr.

Parking fees and charges

Parking fees and charges [PDF, 236 KB]

Can pay & display tickets be used in other parks? 

There are 2 colours of tickets:
Blue tickets - dispensed where a 2 hour parking restriction applies.  Tickets cost $2/hr and may be used in any area where pay parking is in operation, including stand-alone parking meters.
Red tickets - dispensed and can only be used in the same area. Tickets cost $1 and $1.50 per hour.

Where's all day parking available near town?

Parts of Childers Rd, Customhouse St, Palmerston Rd, part of Derby St, most streets beyond Derby St towards Roebuck Rd.

8 hour metered parking spaces in Grey St car park, Customhouse St and Reads Quay.

Check for parking signs, some have time limits, otherwise it is all day.

Council car parks   

Between Bright and Grey streets behind Farmers - $1/hr and the War Memorial Theatre in Bright Street is free parking.

Free parking near town

Bright Street - War Memorial Theatre car park, part of Customhouse St, parts of Childers Rd, side streets from Derby to Roebuck Rd

Clearway zones in the CBD

Clearways or 'no parking' are marked by signs a bright blue broken line painted on the road next to the kerb. Clearways operate from Monday to Sunday 11pm to 5am in Peel St between Gladstone and Childers roads also Gladstone Rd between Lowe and Customhouse streets.

Any unoccupied vehicle parked in a clearway will receive a $60 fine and will be towed. The owner has to make arrangements with the towage firm to get their vehicle back. This is over and above the $60 infringement fine.

Other parking information 

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